Curious about Economic Principals? Here’s how it works….

EP is a reader-supported newsletter, sustained by subscriptions to its email Bulldog edition. In newspaper parlance, a bulldog is an early edition. For nearly twenty years, Bulldog subscribers have provided information about professional economics to ten or fifteen thousand readers around the world, without the incessant fundraising, and not much metering either. a public broadcasting model and continues to offer

With Substack, paying subscribers receive the Bulldog midnight Saturday EST, enjoy access to its threads, and experience the the private pleasure of supporting independent journalism. Founding subscribers receive occasional reports about goings-on behind the scenes. Free subscribers receive the the Bulldog, too, until December 5. At that point they must choose between subscribing, continuing to receive a Bulldo teaser on the free list, or simply dropping out.

A Final edition is published to the Web Sunday evening where it and its archive are for free to anyone and everyone.